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sneak peek? well, i wouldn't call it that....

---Episode 10 of The Smiley Review is out! You can check it out on the homepage.
---Episode 2 of The Smiley Bloopers should be out by Friday. You can check out my YouTube channel here:
---Episode 1 of a new series, entitled WHAT!? was uploaded yesterday, with new episodes scheduled for every monday. 
---Recently uploaded a promo for The Smiley Review Episode 11. The episode may be out as soon as the end of the month.
---WHAT!? Episode 6 is currently out with more to come next Monday. The video can be viewed on the homepage, or on my YouTube channel (link above).
---You can now listen to the first part of the first episode of my podcast for free on the Media page. More to come soon.
---I recently became a YouTube partner, and in light of that, I uploaded 3 new videos. First and foremost, I'd like to announce the 7th episode of WHAT!? is up. The other 2 videos are new social commentary videos.
---I started up a Twitter account. You can find a link to it on my YouTube channel (Link Above).
---I started a VK page recently. The link is on my YouTube channel (Link Above)
---I recently uploaded a couple of videos in regards to the "Tampon Girl" controversy. The newest one is viewable on the homepage.
---I recently uploaded a pilot episode to a new series I'm thinking about featuring. It's called Pointless Rant Theater, and you can view it here:
---I also put together another edition of The Smiley Bloopers, using outtakes I compiled from some of the more recent videos I have done
---I recently did a collaboration with YouTuber Matrix Devonshire. You can either view it on the homepage, or you can click here:

---More to come soon.